The Asemic Imprint

Explorations in Asemic Writing

The Asemic Imprint


This web-site presents collections of my explorations in Asemic writing. Primarily, I create Asemic writing using computer code which is written using the typesetting software ConTeXt and its graphical programming language MetaFun. Context  was derived from TeX which was developed by Donald E Knuth, Professor of Theoretical Computer Programming at Stanford University, for high quality typesetting of Mathematics, in the seventies.  John Hobby at Bell Labs extended the graphical capabilities of TeX  by creating the graphics language MetaPost. MetaFun is derived from MetaPost.

The combination of the powerful typesetting capabilities of ConTeXt coupled with the graphical ability of MetaFun make for a software system that can produce high quality documents combining text and images with relative ease. I my work, I make extensive use of MetaFun for creating pages containing asemic writing and in some cases with ‘normal’ text. Further information on ConTeXt and MetaFun can be found here.


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