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Asemic Haiga

What are Asemic Haiga?

Haiga is a form of Japanese painting whereby a Haiku is accompanied by a painting also done by the writer of the Haiku. The 17th century poet Nonoguchi Ryuho has been credited with founding the style though it has been found in Haiku earlier. The great Haiku master Matsuo Basho also incorporated imagery in some of his works, further popularising the style. In contemporary Japan Haiga now include digital and photographic imagery as well as other media.

In my work I have incorporated photographs of the natural world combined with digitaly generated asemic writing to create more contemporary works of Haiga. Within the code I can generate any number of Haiga using the same image but each Haiga will have different asemic writing. For further information on Haiga click here and here.

Clicking on the images below will take to a gallery of each Haiga.

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