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Circles and Squares

Over the last couple of years I have been creating number of Asemic Poems which I brought together and published on Amazon. I had originally decided to get printed about 10 copies of the book of asemic poems at a local printer for distribution to family and friends. The original format of the book was A4 landscape but since Amazon does not print in landscape it is now A4 portrait – you just have to rotate the book 90 degrees to the right to view the poems as I wrote them.

The poems are one page and consist of background of randomly generated circles or squared with the circle background having white squares in some random positions, and, the square background having black squares similarly positioned. These pages were generated with Metapost code and then printed, 12 each of circles and 12 each of squares. I then added asemic writing to these squares and circles using acrylic pens and prepared high resolution scans in readiness for typesetting using ConTeXt, which produces beautiful pdf documents of high quality, ready, for print on demand.

You can buy the book on Amazon worldwide through their print on demand service or if you prefer there is a Kindle version.

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“Circles and Squares: One Page Asemic Poems” by Keith McKay

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