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None of this makes any sense

My wife Carol is a writer and poet who has had many short stories and poems published in literary magazines. I have published two of her novels, Incunabulum, and White Spirit and the Hedgehog Poetry Press have published her poetry pamphlet Reading The Landscape. Last year we collaborated on a short pamphlet, mixing four of her poems and four of my asemic poems called None of this makes any Sense.We submitted them to the Little Black Books Competition being run by the Hedgehog Poetry Press in in early 2024 and low and behold we were one of the joint winners of the competition!

Think of None of this makes any Sense as a conversation between poems and art. Poems have meaning but do asemic poems have meaning, only the reader can decide that themselves? Here is one of the poems alongside one of my asemic poems.

You can purchase None of this makes any Sense from Carol’s website and learn more about her other work here

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